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The Customs Division of GRA also ensure the protection of revenue by preventing smuggling. This is done by physically patrolling the borders and other strategic points, examination of goods, and search of premises, as well as documents relating to the goods. As a frontline institution at the country's borders, Customs Division also plays a key role in surmounting external aggression and maintains the territorial integrity of Ghana. Customs Division is part of the country's security network.

When applying for Concession from CUSTOMS the following should be scanned and attached to the eMDA application
Master Document
- Companies Code
- Statement of Composition
- Income Tax Certificate
- VAT registration/ IRS certificates
- Police Clearance Report
- FDA Certification
- NACOB Special Permit
-Site Plan
- Block Plan
- Directional Map
- Valid Building Permit
- Fire Certificate
- EPA Certificate
Sub Consignment
- BL/ Airway Bill
- Invoice
- Manufacturer's License
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