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The Energy Commissionęs mission is to provide leadership and collaborate with our clients the leading energy providers such as VRA, TOR, BOST, ECG, GHANA GRID COMPANY and INDEPENDENT POWER PRODUCERS (IPPs) to effectively and efficiently create an enabling environment for excellence and fair competition in energy service delivery. The Commission is fully committed to serving effectively and efficiently the national interest in the discharge of its statutory mandates and functions. The Commission is equally committed to accepting and dealing with the challenges that Ghana must meet head-on in its quest for a truly functioning , competitive energy industry that creates affordable energy supplies, improves energy reliability, efficiency and security, and above all, protects and enhances public safety, economic well-being and environmental quality. The Energy Commission welcomes investors; Ghanaian, African and foreign in efficient energy production projects and programmes in a competitive market. As a regulatory body the Energy Commission encourages building energy efficiency standards and insists on energy efficient appliances. This it has done through the enactment of L.I 1815 namely Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling (Non-ducted Air Conditioners and self-ballasted Fluorescent Lamps) Regulations, 2005. The Commission has also enacted the Electricity Distribution and Supply (Technical and Operational) Rules,2005 (LI 1816) which specifies the rules of practice for electricity distribution service providers.  
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