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Ministry of Foreign Affair and Regional Integration
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Consistent with its constitutionally mandated responsibilities,"the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration" exists to promote and protect the interest of Ghana and its citizens abroad and to enhance Ghana's security and prosperity through:
Promoting friendly relations and economic cooperation between Ghana and other countries and enhancing Ghana's image abroad.
Providing supportive services to relevant MDAs and local NGOs in their work; and assisting diplomatic missions, international organisations and foreign NGOs in the discharge of their legitimate duties in Ghana, among many others.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs And Regional Integration core function is to advise and assist Government in the formulation and implementation of Ghana's foreign policy objectives, including through proffering advice on policy option in response to unfolding international situations and events. The Ministry therefore, controls,directs and coordinates Ghana's external relations and closely collabborates with other Ministries Department and Agencies (MDAs) to facilitate the realisation of Government agenda including efforts in the areas of trade and investment promotion.
When applying for exemption from the Ministry,the following should be scanned and attached to the eMDA application:
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