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The Fishing sector of the country plays an important role contributing significantly to national economic development objectives related to employment, livelihood support, poverty reduction, food security, foreign exchange earnings and resource sustainability. Fish is a preferred source of animal protein in Ghana, and about 75 percent of the total domestic production of fish is consumed locally. Fish is expected to contribute 60 percent of animal protein intake. The per capita consumption is estimated to be about 25 kg per annum. Over 2 million fishermen, processors and traders participate in this sector. These and their dependants amount to about 10% of thee population. Fish is the countryıs most important non-traditional export commodity and the fisheries sub-sector accounts for about 5 percent of the agricultural GDP. Export earnings from fish and fishery products on average account for approximately 60 million US Dollars annually. The fishing industry in Ghana is based on resources from the marine, inland (freshwater) and aquaculture sectors. The Volta Lake, reservoirs, fishponds and coastal lagoons are the main sources of freshwater fish  
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