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Timber Industry Development Divison
  • Track the movement of logs from forest gates after the issuance of conveyance certificates,
  • Provide managment and technical training for the wood industry and undertake the certification and registration of authorized timber graders and establish levels of certification for such graders,
  • Monitor the supply of lumber to the local market by recognized millers with the support of the Forest Services Divsion,
  • Advise on approvals to establish new processing mills and register timber processors and traders in timber and wood products
  • Provide development signals to the industry and advise government on the adoption of appropriate incentive to foster efficiency and value addition,
  • Register claims in respect of sale of timber and wood products and appoint arbitrators in disputes involving grading and valuation of timber and wood products,

    When applying for permits from the Division the following should be scanned and attched to the eMDA application
    Letters of Credit
    A2 form
    Packing Lists
    Approved Contract
    Bank Confirmation Letter on Transfers
    TIDD Payment Receipts
    Permit Invoice Form
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